About Nesor

Nesor is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of quality equipment to specialist dental educational facilities.

We’re supporting the next generation of dentists by creating state-of-the-art training centres that rival most in the world in terms of their components and design.

Our company helps dental professionals, purchasers and developers produce safe, modern training and educational environments, often as part of wider capital investment programmes. We also provide a full suite of maintenance and repair solutions to keep these spaces performing at their best throughout their lifecycle.

Our knowledge is unrivalled. Our experience is second to none. And our unique, century-old history certainly proves our commitment to innovation in the dental sector. Read on to learn more about Nesor’s journey to date and gain an understanding of the values that shape our ethos.

Nesor through the ages


Nesor – Rosen backwards – was started by Cyril and Len Rosen’s father at the start of the 20th century.


Cyril Rosen left school at 12 years old and began working for the family business. His brother Len later joined him after returning from his time in the RAF. Their unique bond helped to establish Nesor as a leading force within the dental industry.


Nesor – and the Rosen Brothers – played a huge role in the modernisation of dental equipment throughout the decade. They became one of the key firms behind the British Dental Industry Association (formerly known as the British Dental Trade Association), and Cyril had many research pieces published in the BDTA magazine throughout this time in his career. Len was in charge of sales, and Cyril was very much in charge of the words and numbers. Cyril became something of a local celebrity for his efforts in rescuing two monkeys from abuse and nursing them back to health. He’d often be seen riding the London Tube with his pet West African Mona monkey, Sousa!


The Rosen brothers sold the company to Lloyd Coxe. Instead of retiring in the traditional sense, Cyril went on to pursue his passion for protecting animals from mistreatment. He set up a charity, initiated various awareness campaigns, and later, he was even awarded an MBE, along with the Special Conservation Medal from the Primate Society of Great Britain for his contribution to Primatology.


Nesor was sold once again to Christopher Knight, who worked alongside Lloyd until Lloyd’s retirement. The company was modernised during this time, but the new owners were always keen to ensure the company’s values remained the same.


By this time, Nesor was extremely well established. The company had earned the tenders to work on a variety of large-scale hospital projects, and was even invited to maintain the dental equipment at the most major international sporting event in the world.

to now:

The team at Nesor are now involved with some of the largest projects in educational dentistry, supplying specialist equipment to big names in the NHS and beyond. While we do of course have one eye firmly on the future, we embrace our heritage, and we hope we are doing our predecessors proud!